About the Authors

This study has been motivated by our determination in the development of a teaching structure which would allow students to experiment with what we consider a more natural pedagogical progression on the acquisition of beach environment intimacy. We suspect instructors should adopt a different perspective in the teaching-learning process.

Rather than protecting students from the environmental hazards, we want them to study those hazards, and to learn how to explore those opportunities to develop their skills and human capacities, in a natural-pace familiarization process with their surroundings, eventually leading to the phenomenon of consciousness mastering in the practice of the sport.

On the long term, we hope the results of our research to be examined, corroborated, criticized and filtered to the point of allowing Brazilian schools to include some basic maritime educational contents on their School Physical Education programs.

Bruno Ferreira Alves Castello da Costa
Industrial Engineer (UFRJ)
Physical Education Teacher (UERJ)
Swimming Pool Lifeguard (CBMERJ)

Gabriel Gueiros Nunes
Physical Education Teacher (UERJ)

Rafael Barçante Ladvocat
Physical Education Teacher (UERJ)

Luiz Alberto Batista
Physical Education Teacher (UERJ)
Master of Science in Education (UFF)
Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Sciences (Porto Univ., Portugal)

UFRJ: Rio de Janeiro Federal University
UERJ: Rio de Janeiro State University
CBMERJ: Rio de Janeiro State Military Fire Brigade
UFF: Rio de Janeiro Fluminense Federal University

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