Introductory book

Cover of Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa's new book.

Cover of Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa‘s introductory book to his teaching philosophy.

“The LEARNING OF SURFING starts from the ability to HARMONIZE with the SEA ENERGY”,
Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa


Through a mild writing suitable for anyone with the slightest bit of interest in surfing, Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa presents his approach to the teaching of the sport in his book “DISCOVERING THE ESSENCE OF SURFING“. Aiming at surfers, enthusiasts and beginners, Prof. Bruno seeks to trigger awareness regarding the organic aspect of surfing, bearing in mind that the learning must contemplate that ‘live’ dimension of the environment.

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The electronic edition is available at (advantages: price; instant delivery; on-the-go reading on smartphones, tablets and Kindle devices; eco-friendly).

The paperback edition is available at (advantages: more comfortable reading; does not require electronic devices; symbol of tradition within the literary universe).

Back cover of Discovering the Essence of Surfing.

Back cover of Discovering the Essence of Surfing.


  • Acknowledgments, p.i
  • Introduction, p.1
  • 1. In the rhythm of waves, p.3
  • 2. Living organism, p.7
  • 3. New horizons, p.11
  • 4. No truce, p.15
  • 5. Free to feel, p.19
  • 6. Two hands, p.23
  • 7. Give time time, p.27
  • 8. X-Ray, p.31
  • Message, p.35
  • About the author, p.37


Surf Recon Manual (coming soon!)

Oriented Consciousness Mastering in the Practice of Surfing

Maritime Education and Surfing in School

Praia Colorida, Colorful Beach

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