Feb.08.2014 — Beach Field Trip of the Riviera Swimming Classes

Figure 1 - poster of the 1st "Riviera dei Fiori Swimming" beach field trip.

Figure 1 – poster of the 1st “Riviera dei Fiori Swimming” beach field trip.

It is with great joy that we come to inform you that the 1st field trip of the Riviera dei Fiori swimming classes to the beach (Saturday Feb/08/2014, 9am), was an absolute success!

Professor Bruno Castello da Costa sought to explore the entire context of the tour to enlighten contents that come into play when working to expand students’ safety and autonomy levels, not only on the beach but also considering all the walk they needed to undertake to get there.

Each student was accompanied by a supervising adult (parents, mostly), who also got the chance to hear a little more about certain marine aspects that influence surfing, a few safety measures we must take in the beach environment, the physical study of the waves, and still other specific surfing-learning contents that shall be addressed in following tours.

This event was part of our strategy of gradual transition of our Utilitarian Swimming Course towards maritime swimming and surf swimming.

We would like to thank all the parents who helped us organize and carry out the tour. In case of doubts, suggestions and comments, please send us a message by filling out our contact form.

Photos of the tour:

Foto 1 -

Photo 1 – Good morning, Class!

Foto 2 -

Photo 2 – Arriving to meet up with the group…

Foto 3 -

Photo 3 – Everyone ready?

Foto 4 -

Photo 4 – Let’s go!

Foto 5 -

Photo 5 – Congratulations for your discipline!!!

Foto 6 -

Photo 6 – Here we are!

Foto 7 -

Photo 7 – Who wants to go first?

Foto 8 -

Photo 8 – All together…

Foto 9 -

Photo 9 – How’s the water?

Foto 10 -

Photo 10 – Attention: the waves are coming…

Foto 10 -

Photo 11 – Excellent swimming, guys!

Foto 12 -

Photo 12 – Guess we’ve had enough swimming for one day, Class… So who wants to go play on the sand, now?

Foto 11 -

Photo 13 – Oh, that’s fun: searching for shells, making sand balls and competing for who digs the deepest hole…

Foto 12 -

Photo 14 – Very well, Folks… See you next time!

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