Gold Standard in the Teaching of Surfing

“THIS TEXT IS A REAL FIRST in its chosen subject matter, to which LATER WORKS WILL ALWAYS MAKE REFERENCE”, Dr. Nicholas Ford (author, with David Brown, of “Surfing and Social Theory: the experience, embodiment  and narrative of the dream glide”, Routledge, 2006; former external examiner for the surfing degrees in the United Kingdom)

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This work is an academic analysis on the pedagogy of surfing, conducted by a team of researchers linked to the Motor Behavior and Biomechanics Laboratory at the Rio de Janeiro State University.

Academic literature in the theme of surfing and physical education has been reviewed in order to provide surfing instructors with a scientific rationale to enable students with an oriented process of consciousness mastering in the practice of the sport.

References to our study include scientific publications on sports pedagogy, didactics, motor learning, sports physiology, sports training, anatomy, biomechanics, social imaginary, oceanography, marine biology and military training, besides a few journalistic, artistic, literary works focusing on the sport of surfing.

Our project was primarily designed as a means for practical and theoretical referencing to professionals who work in the teaching of surfing (physical education teachers/students and surfing instructors in general), in that its Portuguese edition also aims to elicit the instrumentalization of surfing in behalf of the Rio de Janeiro State Military Fire Brigade on its Maritime Rescuing Basic Training.

Our methodological structure dismisses the phenomenon of “direct physical/inappropriate verbal assistance” in the teaching process; alternatively, we present strategies and means to elicit the state of nature as the main index to ensure individual restrictions to be respected, and the most appropriate formal precise pedagogical actions to be identified with regard to the maximization of the overall efficacy and efficiency on the pedagogical process.

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