Maritime Education book

Maritime Education book cover (photo by Bruno Dana).

Maritime Education book cover (photo by Bruno Dana).

“MARITIME EDUCATION should be considered by SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION programs”,
Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa


More recently, the author Bruno Ferreira Alves Castello da Costa has produced a new publication, this time aiming at a younger audience. It represents part of the author’s effort in his quest for Maritime Education to be considered by School Physical Education programs.

Named “Maritime Education and Surfing in School“, this book introduces a few important Maritime Educational concepts to students age 11-12 and older (for younger ages, please go to our Utilitarian Swimming Course). Composed of a brief text and hand-made colorful illustrations, it tells the story of a Surfing apprentice who enters a special learning program that emphasizes environmental taming prior to surfboard manipulation. The story works as a propitious background for evoking certain reflections over the actions one is supposed to perform in order to properly behave on the beach with regard to the main surf hazards.

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The electronic edition is available at (advantages: price; instant delivery; on-the-go reading on smartphones, tablets and Kindle devices; eco-friendly).

The paperback edition is available at (advantages: more comfortable reading; does not require electronic devices; symbol of tradition within the literary universe).

Back cover of Maritime Education and Surfing in School.

Back cover of Maritime Education and Surfing in School.

FOREWORD (excerpt)

“This is the first book I’ve come across that specifically seeks to introduce Surfing to a younger age group (…) More importantly, Bruno Castello da Costa’s book presents Surfing, almost entirely, with respects to the practicalities of both, the joys and coming to terms with the potential risks, of being in the sea”, Dr. Nicholas Ford (author, with David Brown, of “Surfing and Social Theory: the experience, embodiment  and narrative of the dream glide”, Routledge, 2006; former external examiner for the surfing degrees in the United Kingdom).


“Between the years of 2005 and 2010, I was involved in a research about the Pedagogy (teaching) of Surfing along with 3 of my very good colleagues from UERJ. Between 2010 and January 2013 I delved into publishing the results of our work, in the form of the books ‘Oriented Consciousness Mastering in the Practice of Surfing’ (2nd edition, 2013), ‘Conscientização Orientada da Prática do Surfe’ (2nd edition, 2013), and the e-book ‘Oriented Consciousness Mastering in the Practice of Surfing – Conscientização Orientada da Prática do Surfe’ (Revised 1st edition, 2013).

Due to an observable lack of awareness relative to the imminent hazards present on the beach on behalf of the population who is used to frequenting the coast of Rio de Janeiro – and also considering the fact that the practice of physical activities on most Rio de Janeiro beaches seems to focus more on the sportive performance than on the understanding of the potential impact of the forces of Nature over human safety –, more recently I’ve decided to write about Maritime Educational concepts that I judge to be important for beach goers in general and, specially, for children and teenagers to be able to read in school. In my opinion, these subjects deserve to be progressively included in the School Physical Education programs of the Brazilian schools and in every other country where beach activities are firmly established.”

(page numbers refer to the paperback edition)

  • Foreword, p.i
  • Introduction, p.1
  • 1. Entering the water, p.3
  • 2. Knowing the bottom of the sea, p.7
  • 3. Understanding the waves, p.11
  • 4. Swimming in the sea, p.15
  • 5. Swimming with the waves, p.19
  • 6. Knowing the surfboard, p.23
  • 7. Placing the surfboard in the water, p.27
  • 8. Swimming with the surfboard, p.31
  • 9. Swimming with the surfboard and the waves, p.35
  • 10. What else should we know?, p.39
  • End of the story, p.43
  • About the Author, p.45


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