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In December 2005 a group of biologists, researchers and sea enthusiasts gathered to launch the foundation of a research project based on the study of sea living organisms… And that’s how the Mar Adentro Institute was born. For the past 7 years, the IMA (Instituto Mar Adentro, as in Portuguese) has been continuously growing and expanding its horizons, gaining support from several researchers and divers along the Brazilian coast.

IMA’s mission: “To promote, take part in and foster the generation and dissemination of technical knowledge in the area of the aquatic ecosystems and related ones, aiming to preserve integrity of the natural processes, environmental balance and the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s worldwide citizens”.

Revista InForMar

InForMar is an electronic journal that communicates, in a pleasurable and accessible way, scientific knowledge regarding the sea world to the general public. Access and read all InForMar publications for free at www.maradentro.org.br/informar

On quarterly editions, we publicize not only news, but also seek to keep track of everyone’s involvement in the reconstruction of academic knowledge.

Readers are welcome to join us, sharing photos and texts, and learning to identify different species. Marine researchers are also invited and stimulated to write promotional scientific articles. Please meet our guidelines to submit your own articles at www.informar.org.br

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Lifestyles with a purpose – IOU

I am
Man’s strength is his clarity of purpose
COURAGE to pick his own LIFE

We are one
My neighbor’s STRENGTH multiplies mine

Listen to the call and LOOK
Find the UNIVERSE within yourself
Co-create NEW realities
in HARMONY with the planet
BE the example
BE the movement

Does it make SENSE to you?
Do you feel IOU?
Then you are already part of the MOVEMENT
Become inspired to INSPIRE

Have you ever imagined a world where everyone would have a purpose in life?

IOU is an open movement which has just begun and that you can take part in. Our intention is to stimulate people to search for and share inspiring life stories, reflections, questionings and ways for self-development.

Since 2011 a group of individuals have been gathering to start IOU Movement, such as Henrique PistilliGisella SáMarcos ViannaTiago DadaltoGustavo BonaféMayara CastroRaquel RosembergRosi RodriguesDiego PaimRaphael RodriguesThiago MaiaMaurício AbrahãoMayra TemponiAlana Trauczynski, besides over 40 co-founders from various organizations and social sectors.

We welcome other people with restless souls and with a passion for life to get involved and creatively contribute to the movement. If you have an innovative idea that could inspire lifestyles with a purpose, talk to us, as we believe your entrepreneurship-oriented attitude is the reason for IOU to exist.

IOU is me, you, all of us –> http://estilosdevida.com.br

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How many people around you know what cystic fibrosis is?

Established between 2009 and 2011, the Instituto Unidos pela Vida (‘United by Life’ Institute) is a non-profit organization based in Curitiba (state of Paraná, Brazil), with a worldwide performance range, and that provides a set of services involving support, dissemination and awareness regarding the genetic disease named Cystic Fibrosis, also known as Mucoviscidosis (and, within Brazil, also regarded as “Salty Kiss Disease”).

All actions carried through by the Institute can be followed on its Facebook, Twitter and through the calendar of events on its official website.

Accordingly to its founder and headmaster, psychologist Verônica Stasiak Bednarczuk de Oliveira, a large portion of Brazilian’s population has never heard of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) – and that goes for health care professionals as well. Therefore, all efforts are focused on informing the population about the different forms of the disease. And among all projects run by the Institute, SurfingPedagogy.com has become partners with the Equipe de Fibra Project (‘Fiber Team’), thanks to the positive effects of sea water over CF patients.


The Fiber Team Project has been conceived and is now coordinated by Biologist Cristiano Silveira, father to a boy with CF. By undertaking sports training programs and competitions, the Team’s mission is to demonstrate the importance of a regular physical activity regimen in the treatment of CF patients, contributing to an increase in the quality of life of their relatives and additional participants.

– Today we have many athletes in the Fiber Team, throughout Brazil, who take part in their favorite physical activities wearing our official t-shirt – says Cristiano, to which he adds: – besides that, Fiber Team runs our Set of Lectures over Physical Exercising & Cystic Fibrosis on several parts of the country, gathering local expert professionals to analyze real cases of CF athletes, patients and relatives, who all teach us so much through their example.

Keep track of all Fiber Team’s activities through their webpage.


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