Rio Surf Survive Lesson

At Rio Surf Survive we believe it is worth taking that extra step to develop our autonomy in the surf.

We experiment the power of the currents and waves respecting everyone’s limits, it’s up to you how far beyond your comfort zone you wish to push yourself. We feel the sea energy by contemplating nature, the goal is to integrate with it and feel well.

That way, we learn to deal with the surf without depending on the surfboard, on a pair of fins or on the presence of someone else next to us.

JOIN our weekend classes:

– Av. do Pepê, 610 / WhatsApp +55 (21) 99749-0543

Greetings to all the Soul Surfers out there! ALOHA, Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa.

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Rio Surf Survive is a member of the Rio de Janeiro Surfing Schools Association – ACAES.

ACAES #1/2018 meeting.

ACAES #2/2018 meeting.

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