Surf Recon Manual

Cover of Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa‘s Surf Recon Manual.

“Continued interaction with the surf predisposes individual and board evolution“,
Prof. Bruno Castello da Costa


Before relating to the sport of wave sliding, the earliest meaning of the word SURF refers to that stretch of the beach where the waves break. As a consequence of its unique features, this environment invites men and women of all ages to come play in the waves. The embodiment of the interactions we perform in the surf is what goes by the name of SURFING. This book addresses the teaching of surfing starting from the apprentice’s interaction with the surf, rather than the traditional board-oriented approaches we are used to finding in surfing schools nowadays.

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Back cover of Surf Recon Manual.

(page numbers refer to the paperback edition)

  • Motivation, p.1
  • Safety, p.3
  • Informal, p.5
  • Schools, p.7
  • Waikiki and the North Shore, p.8
  • Barra da Tijuca, p.9
  • Other beaches, p.10
  • Unfoldments, p.11
  • Restrictions, p.12
  • Adaptations, p.13
  • Next step, p.17
  • THE TRAINING, p.21
  • Individual aspect, p.22
  • Environmental aspect, p.23
  • Manipulative aspect, p.25
  • Coexistence of the aspects, p.29
  • Growth and equalization, p.30
  • THE PRACTICE, p.37
  • Hierarchy among the elements, p.37
  • Structure, p.39
  • Disciplines and exercises, p.44
  • Levels and criteria, p.45
  • Learning stages, p.50
  • QUESTIONS, p.55


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